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In addition to our annual Keep Veterans Smiling Day on the third Tuesday of each September, we invite veterans to apply for additional, more extensive treatment beyond the offered cleaning, filling, or extraction. Since the establishment of the KVS Foundation we have provided services nearing half-a-million dollars—for Veterans right here in Texoma.

Sponsorships and donations to our foundation allow us to provide additional services. Most Veterans do not have dental insurance. With sponsorship funding, we can select deserving Veterans to get that extra care needed. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about donating to this project.


How you can support the Keep Veterans Smiling Project in Texoma.

You can support the organization's work with a donation to the project. If you are an individual, group, or company that would like to give a gift to expand services, please contact us. Your donation can be recognized on our list of supporters or can be anonymous.

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Statistics on U.S. Veteran Dental Care
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